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Eye Directive Wheelchair

This paper delivers a method to guide and control the wheelchair for disabled people based on movement of eye. This concept can be used for people with loco-motor disabilities. The proposed system involves three stages: image detection, image processing and sending of control signals wheelchair. The eye movement is detected using a head mounted camera. […]

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CeBIT Australia 2018: Widening The Scopes of Businesses in the IT Sector

CeBIT Australia is the biggest and long-running technology exhibition of Asia-Pacific region that redefines, shapes and drives the businesses in the information and technology landscape. It welcomes 300+ technology leaders from across the world. Not only that, it carries a grand conference program for the successive days featuring over 50 experts or visionaries from different […]

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What Are the Challenges of Machine Learning in Big Data Analytics?

Machine Learning is a branch of computer science, a field of Artificial Intelligence. It is a data analysis method that further helps in automating the analytical model building. Alternatively, as the word indicates, it provides the machines (computer systems) with the capability to learn from the data, without external help to make decisions with minimum […]

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BPO to BPaaS – A Smarter Shift

The business process outsourcing industry has evolved to establish itself as a more strategic partner to businesses. This growth has shifted organizations to focus towards providing simpler, yet high-end, service delivery models through virtual platforms that maintain, monitor and optimize performance. The need to transform business partnerships into more meaningful collaborations has triggered the shift […]

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Is Blockchain the Latest Revolution in Technology?

The blockchain is more like a digital ledger to store financial transactions just like a book that contains what comes in and what goes out. Unlike traditional ledger, the digital one is a lot more vast and secure with no intermediaries involved. In Blockchain, each block contains, but not limited to, a cryptographic hash of […]

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